Hollywood Car od the Stars

Hollywood Cars of the Stars

Sometimes the cars are the true stars, and one of our largest areas is devoted to them.  The Hollywood gallery gives you a peek behind the curtain to see how some of your favorite moves are made.  Our genuine TV and film vehicles are often still in the condition they were in when they left the studio lot, and so you may see where cameras were mounted and stunt drivers sat.

But even if you don’t want to learn the secrets behind your favorite films, you get to visit with many old friends.  This exhibit includes an entire area turned into the Flintstones’ Bedrock, Fast and Furious custom star cars, the GMC van from the A-Team, and plenty of accurate tribute vehicles.  These cars really do take on a personality all of their own, and you’ll remember that the moment you see our original Herbie the Love Bug, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Knight Rider’s KITT.


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